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Your Pitch. The World's Your Stage.

Explore the world of tech innovators in every swipe


Shreem is the future of global discovery of innovation in the tech industry. Exclusively on mobile, our cutting-edge video platform allows innovators worldwide to spotlight their businesses through short pitch videos. Dive in to uncover excellence and forge powerful connections globally, all at your fingertips.

  • User-Centric Experience: Switch channels at your pace to any industry, not dictated by an algorithm.

  • Enhanced Earnings: Influencers can see earnings skyrocket, with increases up to 20-fold.

  • Innovative Interactions: With features ranging from location-based alerts to instant chat and FaceTime, we're transforming connection methods.

  • Broad Accessibility: Offered in 17 languages and integrates effortlessly with LinkedIn.

  • Prioritizing Privacy: Your connections remain private; we're committed to safeguarding user privacy.

  • Instagram
  • YouTube

What You Will Learn


The Power of Video


Neuro-Modulatory Intelligence


Unleashing Context in Global Discovery

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